E3 Direct Solar Distillation
E3H Solar-Electric Hybrid Distillation
Micro Scale Distillation Plant


Epiphany’s flagship product utilizes a parabolic concentrating dish to focus sunlight on a proprietary, high-throughput distillation unit mounted at the dish’s focal point. The operation of the system is simple: Dirty water passes into the distillation unit and instantly vaporizes due to the intense heat focused on the distillation unit. During the vaporization process, any dissolved solids (e.g. heavy metals) separate, and living organisms (e.g. bacteria) are killed due the intense heat. The water vapor (now void or any impurities) continues to pass through the distillation unit. As the steam reaches colder stages it begins to condense back down into distilled water. From the output of the distillation unit then comes freshly distillated water, safe for consumption. The figure below pictorially illustrates the distillation process occurring at the focal point of Epiphany’s concentrating solar power (CSP) dishes.

Epiphany’s product is designed to be modular, robust, and lightweight. To keep construction and manufacturing simple, Epiphany’s units utilize common off the shelf (COTS) components. These components can be sourced anywhere in the world, simplifying maintenance and routine service greatly. In fact, great care has been taken so that an Epiphany solar water system can be assembled by virtually anyone, anywhere on the planet, regardless of skill level. Installation time is designed to take under 1 hour and with more skilled labor can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Epiphany’s product has a low total cost of ownership and will need only occasional cleaning to remove buildup of particulates within the distillation units. This is a simple process that can be done by anyone with standard, easily accessible maintenance tools, such as a wire brush.