Epiphany Solar Water Systems has developed a concentrated solar powered (CSP) system that answers the water and energy problem with a solution that can provide clean water from contaminated or sea water in volumes from 100 to 100,000 gallons per day (GPD) economically and reliably.  The most basic Epiphany system uses direct solar energy to power a proprietary multi-stage water distillation system, which is installed at the focal point of a parabolic solar collector dish.  Also available is a solar/electric hybrid unit, which combines the reliability of a conventional distillation unit with the energy efficiency of concentrated solar power.  While concentrated solar power systems already exist in the energy production marketplace, the direct end-user benefit of Epiphany’s parabolic solar collector dish design is that it is simple and uses common off the shelf (COTS) components – which can easily be sourced through distribution channels all over the world – to produce a unit that can be installed and maintained by anyone, regardless of skill level.   Furthermore, the system’s modular design allows for easy scaling and adaptation to a variety of environments ranging from remote villages to small municipalities.  The units are well suited to distill both contaminated and salt/sea water.  This unit is the ideal solution for small villages, Military, and Emergency Management (DHS/FEMA) applications.