Epiphany Solar Water Systems (SWS) began in 2005 when Tom Joseph and Henry Wandrie first conceived of a simple and inexpensive method of distilling water with concentrated solar energy.  After receiving seed funding from Innovation Works (a PA Ben Franklin Technology Partner) in 2009, a team of diverse and highly skilled individuals was secured to undergo the project.  Among them are experts in solar energy, design, manufacturing, marketing, and business management.

Since its conception, Epiphany SWS has completed fabrication of various successful beta units with pilot field testing of these units completed by the end of 2013.  Epiphany SWS is currently seeking additional funding to complete the pilot production market launch of the V2.0 product in early 2014.  This will allow Epiphany SWS to reach operational profitability by the end of 2014.  Key use of funds include: development and release of water purification units, establishment of distributor agreements, and all necessary marketing and PR required to achieve initial customer sales.

Epiphany SWS’ Beta hybrid unit was unveiled at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, concurrent with the release of the non-profit organization, Project EviivE.  Project EviivE’s sole purpose is to provide water purification systems to developing communities worldwide.